colour emulation good
palette 6144
display type raster
orientation horizontal
resolution 320x224
frequency 59.764793Hz
sound emulation imperfect
channels stereo
players 4
nplayers 2P sim
controls joy
buttons 4
coin slots 2
cpu SH-2 @ 28.63636MHz
cpu SH-2 @ 28.63636MHz
cpu 68000 @ 11.2896MHz
audio Speaker
audio Speaker
audio SCSP
audio CD/DA
version added .074u2
last change(s) .109 .075
name size crc set flags sha1
epr-20091.ic8  524288  59ed40f4  stvbios    eff0f54c70bce05ff3a289bf30b1027e1c8cd117 
epr-19730.ic8  524288  d0e0889d  stvbios    fae53107c894e0c41c49e191dbe706c9cd6e50bd 
epr-17951a.ic8  524288  2672f9d8  stvbios    63cf4a6432f6c87952f9cf3ab0f977aed2367303 
stvb111j.ic8  524288  3e23c81f  stvbios    f9b282fd27693e9891843597b2e1823da3d23c7b 
epr-17740.ic8  524288  5c5aa63d  stvbios    06860d96923b81afbc21e0ad32ee19487d8ff6e7 
epr-17954a.ic8  524288  f7722da3  stvbios    af79cff317e5b57d49e463af16a9f616ed1eee08 
epr-17952a.ic8  524288  d1be2adf  stvbios    eaf1c3e5d602e1139d2090a78d7e19f04f916794 
epr-17953a.ic8  524288  a4c47570  stvbios    9efc73717ec8a13417e65c54344ded9fc25bf5ef 
stvb111t.ic8  524288  02daf123  stvbios    23185beb1ce9c09b8719e57d1adb7b28c8141fd5 
stv110.bin  524288  3dfeda92  stvbios    8eb33192a57df5f3a1dfb57263054867c6b2db6d 
stv1061.bin  524288  728dbca3  stvbios    0ed2030177f0aa8285645c395ae9ad9f568ab1d6 
epr20398.13  1048576  3fb56a0b  znpwfv    13c2fa2d94b106d39e46f71d15fbce3607a5965a 
mpr20400.2  4194304  1edfbe05  znpwfv    b0edd3f3d57408101ae6eb0aec742afbb4d289ca 
mpr20401.3  4194304  99e98937  znpwfv    e1b4d12a0b4d0fe97a62fcc085e19cce77657c99 
mpr20402.4  4194304  4572aa60  znpwfv    8b2d76ea8c6e2f472c6ee7c9b6ad6e80e6a1a85a 
mpr20403.5  4194304  26a8e13e  znpwfv    07f5564b704598e3c3580d3d620ecc4f14549dbd 
mpr20404.6  4194304  0b70275d  znpwfv    47b8672e19c698dc948760f7091f4c6280e728d0 
mpr20399.1  4194304  c178a96e  znpwfv    65f4aa05187d48ba8ad4fe75ff6ffe1f8524831d 
mpr20405.8  4194304  f53337b7  znpwfv    09a21f81016ee54f10554ae1f790415d7436afe0 
mpr20406.9  4194304  b677c175  znpwfv    d0de7b5a29928036df0bdfced5a8021c0999eb26 
mpr20407.10  4194304  58356050  znpwfv    f8fb5a14f4ec516093c785891b05d55ae345754e 
cabinet art
flyer znpwfv.png
PCB stvbios.png
additional information
info 0.74u2 [?]

0.63 [?]

  • 0.142u5: Angelo Salese fixed Segmentation Fault in Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling.
  • 0.138u1: Angelo Salese fixed Segmentation Fault in Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling.
  • 0.110u2: Mariusz Wojcieszek updated the ST-V driver and added VDP1 shading for sprites, fixed VDP1 sprite clipping (fixes incorrect sprites), fixed VDP1 transparency on colour lookup table sprites (fixes bad sprites) and fixed speedups in Zen Nippon Pro.
  • 0.102u5: Mariusz Wojcieszek fixed speedup for Zen Nippon Pro so that it boots once again.
  • 0.102u4: Mariusz Wojcieszek added 16x16 15bit tiles to the ST-V driver, this fixes missing gfx in Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling.
  • 0.99u7: Angelo Salese fixed Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling - Game now playable.
  • 0.90: Changed description to 'Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling Featuring Virtua (J 971123 V1.000)'.
  • 0.74u2: Added Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling Featuring Virtua (Sega 1997).
  • 0.63: Added 'Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling Featuring Virtua' (Testdriver).
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Romset: 37888 kb / 10 files / 13.4 zip
history Zen Nippon Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua (c) 1997 Sega.


Sega Titan Video hardware (STV)

Main CPU : (2x) SH-2 (@ 28.6364 Mhz), 68000 (@ 11.45456 Mhz)

Sound Chips : SCSP (@ 11.45456 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 704 x 513 pixels

Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz

Palette colors : 6144

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 6


Released in November 1997.

The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'All Japan Pro Wrestling'.


U.S.A : 4,442,486 - 4,454,594 - 4,462,076

Europe : 80244

Canada : 1,183,276

Honk Kong : 88-4302

Singapore : 88-155


* Consoles :

Sega Saturn (1997)


Game's rom.

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