colour emulation good
palette 2048
display type raster
orientation horizontal
resolution 320x256
frequency 55.470000Hz
sound emulation good
channels mono
players 4
nplayers ???
controls joy
buttons 3
coin slots 2
cpu V30 @ 16MHz
cpu Z80 @ 3.579545MHz
audio Speaker
audio YM3812 @ 3.579545MHz
audio OKI6295 @ 1.32MHz
version added .081u1
last change(s) .119u1
name size crc set flags sha1
seibu__1.u024.5k  262144  25aa5ba4  zeroteam    40e6047620fbd195c87ac3763569af099096eff9 
seibu__3.u023.6k  262144  ec79a12b  zeroteam    515026a2fca92555284ac49818499af7395783d3 
seibu__2.u025.6l  262144  54f3d359  zeroteam    869744185746d55c60d2f48eabe384a8499e00fd 
seibu__4.u026.5l  262144  a017b8d0  zeroteam    4a93ff1ab18f4b61c7ef580995f64840c19ce6b9 
copx-d2.u0313.6n  262144  a6732ff9  zeroteam    c4856ec77869d9098da24b1bb3d7d58bb74b4cda 
seibu__5.u1110.5b  65536  7ec1fbc3  zeroteam    48299d6530f641b18764cc49e283c347d0918a47 
seibu__7.u072.5s  65536  9f6aa0f0  zeroteam    1caad7092c07723d12a07aa363ae2aa69cb6be0d 
seibu__8.u077.5r  65536  68f7dddc  zeroteam    6938fa974c6ef028751982fdabd6a3820b0d30a8 
musha_back-1.u075.4s  1048576  8b7f9219  zeroteam    3412b6f8a4fe245e521ddcf185a53f2f4520eb57 
musha_back-2.u0714.2s  524288  ce61c952  zeroteam    52a843c8ba428b121fab933dd3b313b2894d80ac 
musha_obj-1.u0811.6f  2097152  45be8029  zeroteam    adc164f9dede9a86b96a4d709e9cba7d2ad0e564 
musha_obj-2.u082.5f  2097152  cb61c19d  zeroteam    151a2ce9c32f3321a974819e9b165dddc31c8153 
seibu__6.u105.4a  262144  48be32b1  zeroteam    969d2191a3c46871ee8bf93088b3cecce3eccf0c 
v3c001.pal.u0310.jed  648    zeroteam  no dump   
v3c002.tibpal16l8-25.u0322.jed  648    zeroteam  no dump   
v3c003.ami18cv8p-15.u0619.jed  648    zeroteam  no dump   
v3c004x.ami18cv8pc-25.u0310.jed  648    zeroteam  no dump   
cabinet art
PCB zeroteam.png
additional information
info 0.81u1 [Olivier Galibert]

  • 0.144: Guru and gp-lee added clone Zero Team (set 5, Korea, Dream Soft license). Changed description to 'Zero Team USA (set 1, US, Fabtek license)' and clones to '(set 2, Japan? (earlier?))', '(set 3, Japan? (later batteryless))' and '(set 4, Taiwan, Liang Hwa license)'. Fixed rom names.
  • 6th June 2011: Guru - Some items arrived: Zero Team 1993 Dream Soft. Thanks to gp-lee.
  • 0.141u4: Fixed rom names.
  • 0.141u1: Angelo Salese added clone 'Zero Team Suicide Revival Kit'. Implemented DMA slot concept to the Raiden 2 driver, giving correct sprite tables for Zero Team. Implemented Seibu COP macro command 0x904 (variant of 0x905), used on Zero Team. Fixed BCD score display bug. Changed 2 players input to 4 with 3 buttons. Added dipswitches 'DSW3', 'Service Mode' and 6x 'Unknown'.
  • 2nd January 2011: Angelo Salese - Like X Se Dae, Zero Team uses the macro command 0x904. Implementing it allowed this game to be somehow input controllable but then it uses collision detection in the same fashion as Legionnaire. Also, gfx are still encrypted, so blobs of random garbage are shown for now.
  • 0.141: O. Galibert implemented ROM banking support in Raiden 2 HW, improving Raiden II and Zero Team behaviour.
  • 0.140u3: Angelo Salese made Zero Team to boot and fixed segmentation fault after OK in clone New Zero Team. Replaced YM2151 sound with YM3812 and removed 2nd OKI6295 sound. Changed visible area to 320x256. Added dipswitches 'DSW0', 'DSW1' and 14x 'Unknown'.
  • 0.133u1: Corrado Tomaselli verified/changed VSync to 55.47 Hz in Zero Team. Renamed (zeroteaa) to (zeroteama), (zeroteab) to (zeroteamb), (zeroteac) to (zeroteamc) and (zerotsel) to (zeroteams).
  • 0.131u1: Uki added clone Zero Team (set 4).
  • 0.124u5: Changed visible area to 344x240.
  • 0.124u3: Seibu implementation cleanups [David Haywood]: Tried to make COP a bit more generic, breaks a few things for now, but better than duplicated code all over the place. Added the sound CPU to Raiden 2, although it doesn't make any sounds. Added Z80 CPU2 (3579545 Hz) and YM2151 (3579545 Hz), YM2151 (3579545Hz ) and 2x OKI6295 (1022727 Hz) sound. Changed region sound1 ($80000) to sound2 ($0).
  • 0.119u1: David Haywood added clone Zero Team Selection. Added user2 rom (COPDX) and missing gfx2/3 roms (background and sprite).
  • 0.95u2: Added clone Zero Team (set 3). Set contained only program roms, was marked as 'non-encrytped' but program isn't encrypted anyway?!
  • 0.87u2: Added clone Zero Team (set 2). Changed parent description to 'Zero Team (set 1)'.
  • 0.81u7: Added dipswitches 'Coin A/B' and 'Bonus Life'.
  • 0.81u1: Olivier Galibert added Zero Team (Seibu Kaihatsu 1993) and clone New Zero Team. Unemulated protection.
  • 2nd April 2004: Olivier Galibert - Zero Team sets including New Zero Team were added to the driver but they don't do much.
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Romset: 7360 kb / 13 files / 5.46 zip
history Zero Team U.S.A. (c) 1993 Fabtek, Inc.


Game's ROM.

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