colour emulation good
palette 256
display type raster
orientation vertical
resolution 224x256
frequency 59.999408Hz
sound emulation imperfect
channels mono
samples 03.wav
players 2
nplayers 2P alt
controls joy
buttons 1
coin slots 2
cpu Z80 @ 3.04125MHz
audio Speaker
audio Samples
version added .035final
last change(s) .107u3
name size crc set flags sha1
zaxxonb3.u27  8192  125bca1c  zaxxonb    f4160966d42e5282736cde8a276204ba8910ca61 
zaxxonb2.u28  8192  c088df92  zaxxonb    c0c6cd8dcf6db65129980331fa9ecc3800b63436 
zaxxonb1.u29  4096  e7bdc417  zaxxonb    209f0d259f60b984c84229bb31af1ef939adc73e 
zaxxon14.u68  2048  07bf8c52  zaxxon    425157a1625b1bd5169c3218b958010bf6af12bb 
zaxxon15.u69  2048  c215edcb  zaxxon    f1ded2173eb139f48d2ca86c5ef00acbe6c11cd3 
zaxxon6.u113  8192  6e07bb68  zaxxon    a002f3441b0f0044615ce71ecbd14edadba16270 
zaxxon5.u112  8192  0a5bce6a  zaxxon    a86543727389931244ba8a576b543d7ac05a2585 
zaxxon4.u111  8192  a5bf1465  zaxxon    a8cd27dfb4a606bae8bfddcf936e69e980fb1977 
zaxxon11.u77  8192  eaf0dd4b  zaxxon    194e2ca0a806e0cb6bb7cc8341d1fc6f2ea911f6 
zaxxon12.u78  8192  1c5369c7  zaxxon    af6a5984c3cedfa8c9efcd669f4f205b51a433b2 
zaxxon13.u79  8192  ab4e8a9a  zaxxon    4ac79cccc30e4adfa878b36101e97e20ac010438 
zaxxon8.u91  8192  28d65063  zaxxon    e1f90716236c61df61bdc6915a8e390cb4dcbf15 
zaxxon7.u90  8192  6284c200  zaxxon    d26a9049541479b8b19f5aa0690cf4aaa787c9b5 
zaxxon10.u93  8192  a95e61fd  zaxxon    a0f8c15ff75affa3532abf8f340811cf415421fd 
zaxxon9.u92  8192  7e42691f  zaxxon    2124363be8f590b74e2b15dd3f90d77dd9ca9528 
zaxxon.u98  256  6cc6695b  zaxxon    01ae8450ccc302e1a5ae74230d44f6f531a962e2 
zaxxon.u72  256  deaa21f7  zaxxon    0cf08fb62f77d93ff7cb883c633e0db35906e11d 
cabinet art
cabinet zaxxon.png
marquee zaxxon.png
control panel zaxxon.png
flyer zaxxon.png
PCB zaxxon.png
additional information
info 0.08 [Mirko Buffoni]

Samples required

  • Use F2 to enter test mode, then 1 to advance from one test to the following.
  • In Zaxxon, after you enter your initials, the screen proudly displays: INITIALS ENTERD Happens on the real machine...
  • 0.134u4: Team Europe added clone Zaxxon (set 3).
  • 0.134u2: Team Japump added clone Zaxxon (Japan).
  • 0.122u8: RansAckeR improved dipswitches according to manuals in Zaxxon. Added 2x 'Unused' dipswitch.
  • 0.107u3: Fixed rom names.
  • 0.107u2: Aaron Giles rewroted Zaxxon driver from the schematics. This is still a WIP (not finished yet): Fixed clock speeds and video timing. Complete memory maps. Simplified video code and merged common cases together. Palette derived from resistor weights. Background positioning still a little off.
  • 0.99u2: Derrick Renaud fixed sample playing.
  • 0.76u1: Changed Z80 CPU clock speed to 3041250 Hz.
  • 23rd October 2003: Converted Zaxxon to use tilemaps in the foreground graphics layer, and corrected the CPU speed in it.
  • 0.59: Removed 3rd coin slot. Added 2x 'Unused' dipswitches.
  • 0.35: Added clone Jackson (bootleg).
  • 30th June 1999: Nicola added a Zaxxon bootleg called Jackson.
  • 0.35b11: Marco Cassili added clone Zaxxon (set 2). Changed parent description to 'Zaxxon (set 1)'.
  • 9th April 1999: Marco Cassili added an Eagle clone, a Zaxxon clone and a Mr. Do! Run Run clone.
  • 0.33b5: Zaxxon supports rotation (albeit slow) [John Butler].
  • [Zaxxon/Super Zaxxon Sound Samples: By an anonymous individual. 11/20/98 Zaxxon uses discrete sound circuitry that cannot be emulated. I got lucky and found some sound boards that still had some power in them. Most Zaxxon boards the capacitors are all dried up so a lot of the sound disappear. Stuff to do: Zaxxon has 5 flight sound variations. These have to be put into the driver to take advantage of them].
  • 0.34b1: Added color proms ($0, 100 - palette and char lookup table).
  • 0.31: Alex Judd support sample sound in Zaxxon and Berzerk. Gerald Vanderick added accurate colors to Zaxxon.
  • 12th March 1998: ATJ - For the moment replaced Brad's version of the samples with mine from the Mame/P release. As yet, no variable volume, but I will be combining the features from Brad's driver into mine ASAP.
  • 26th January 1998: LBO - Fixed the sound support. I lack explosion samples and the base missile sample so these are untested. I'm also unsure about the background noise. It seems to have a variable volume so I've tried to reproduce that via just 1 sample.
  • 25th January 1998: LBO - Added crude support for samples based on Frank's info. As of yet, I don't have a set that matches the names - I need a way to edit the .sam files I have. Hopefully I'll be able to create a good set shortly. I also don't know which sounds "loop".
  • 0.30: A note about Zaxxon colors: we are aware that they are wrong. The reason is that we are using the Super Zaxxon color PROM. As soon as we'll have the correct Zaxxon color PROM, they will be fixed.
  • 0.29: Zaxxon is getting there (sprites are mostly correct, background isn't) [Tim Lindquist, Nicola Salmoria].
  • 0.28: Zaxxon can go in service mode (F2) [Nicola Salmoria]. Known issues: What do the dip switches do?
  • 0.27: Improvements in Zaxxon colors by Marc Vergoosen.
  • 0.26a: Mirko Buffoni worked with the wrong source, now everything is back to normality in Zaxxon.
  • 0.18: Zaxxon now save their high scores for real [Nicola Salmoria]. The code had disappeared from the drivers. I did write it, since I had .hi files in my directories.
  • 0.15: Miscellaneous graphics fixes to Zaxxon and added high score saving [Nicola Salmoria].
  • 0.13: Marc Lafontaine submitted a new palette for Zaxxon.
  • 0.11: Marc Vergoossen provided a much better palette for Zaxxon.
- 0.09: Background graphics in Zaxxon now work, albeit a bit slow (45-50 fps on my 486/100) [Nicola Salmoria]. Note: The background is stored as a rectangle, but is drawn by the hardware skewed: Go right two pixels, then up one pixel. Doing the conversion at run time would be extremely expensive, so we do it now. To save memory, we squash the image horizontally (doing line shifts at run time is much less expensive than doing column shifts).
  • 0.081: Zaxxon now works, but the background graphics are missing [Nicola Salmoria]. Control: Arrows = Move around and CTRL = Fire.
  • 0.08: Mirko Buffoni added support for Zaxxon (Sega 1982), doesn't work yet.
  • 29th December 1996: Virtu-Al dumped Zaxxon (set 1).
LEVELS: 20 (endless - after 20th level, the level counter is replaced by the sentence "GIVE UP!", and the game continues endlessly)

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  • Mimic
  • VAntAGE
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Romset: 105 kb / 17 files / 33.6 zip
history Jackson (c) 1982.


Main CPU : Z80 (@ 3.04125 Mhz)

Sound Chips : Samples

Screen orientation : Vertical

Video resolution : 224 x 256 pixels

Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz

Palette colors : 256

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 1


This game is a bootleg of "Zaxxon".


Game's rom.

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