colour emulation good
palette 512
display type raster
orientation horizontal
resolution 384x256
frequency 55.000000Hz
sound emulation imperfect
channels mono
players 2
nplayers 2P alt
controls joy
buttons 2
coin slots 2
cpu Z80 @ 4MHz
cpu M6803 @ 3.579545MHz
audio Speaker
audio Irem Audio
audio AY-3-8910A @ 0.894886MHz
audio AY-3-8910A @ 0.894886MHz
audio MSM5205 @ 0.384MHz
audio MSM5205 @ 0.384MHz
version added .036b10
last change(s) none since version .53
name size crc set flags sha1
ky_a-4e-.bin  16384  c73ad2d6  yanchamr    2e5d100e043f77c056b0d5bb80f310a6866fd2b1 
ky_a-4d-.bin  16384  401af828  yanchamr    eec1c082f42e441071fcf005803205b2275b0327 
ky_t-8k-.bin  32768  e967de88  yanchamr    75c0890eb98feb882fe01de5e93e228690e00904 
ky_t-8l-.bin  32768  a929110b  yanchamr    87334f946e14c79426bc7a14e8da984bb8ef9cfc 
ky_a-3a-.bin  16384  cb365f3b  yanchamr    fefad25459eb00d228ee29931c5714ae895b76c7 
dr01.3cd  16384  e66897bd  kidniki    04ea4a857a94d4e884fb28623ec6195dae701e25 
dr02.3f  16384  f9e31e26  kidniki    712b1bde4b3c18c9ac26d58ade48316af004e733 
ky_t-2c-.bin  32768  cb9761fc  yanchamr    3eaf289ebd4ee1b1659dda0804fc0597ccc76218 
ky_t-2d-.bin  32768  59732741  yanchamr    e77fbe3b0cd57a6a3fea7da46d8f23a4bcc7b583 
ky_t-2a-.bin  32768  0370fd82  yanchamr    0ddad9638b778f5651fccbec9b2c711c8ad07098 
ky_b-4k-.bin  16384  263a9d10  yanchamr    fd44163d8bb2e8b46d07f1ba827033f1fe873d29 
ky_b-4f-.bin  16384  86e3d4a8  yanchamr    98d938e47308e90434e16b55ab90123cf18d34c6 
ky_b-4l-.bin  16384  19fa7558  yanchamr    0211e0d6af43b9ef6bb5e6115215c9c96e479e62 
ky_b-4h-.bin  16384  93e6665c  yanchamr    c2ca394befcb01587882641d9b170a8a5c71646c 
ky_b-3n-.bin  16384  0287c525  yanchamr    5c19cc5806b5ef0846bcdf67ac762ba2a7934d5c 
ky_b-4n-.bin  16384  764946e0  yanchamr    224487fa62d80e7210bdff5ea90c82d97d6dee37 
ky_b-4m-.bin  16384  eced5db9  yanchamr    a6cf0c8cfe923166223c75e2ae8fbc35e625b21e 
ky_b-3m-.bin  16384  be6cee44  yanchamr    c1a93bda531c8f227b7deb91368c08b6fc206baa 
ky_b-4c-.bin  16384  84d6b65d  yanchamr    675134ae87d64da8d8d4dcc344106888013eba35 
ky_b-4e-.bin  16384  f91f9273  yanchamr    a24f6b82eee10267f18751eb73a6dcd33e175a8a 
ky_b-4d-.bin  16384  a2fc15f0  yanchamr    27b668db7976325b66f7006aecebc6f5b196e16f 
ky_b-4a-.bin  16384  ff2b9c8a  yanchamr    99bd093a7ad5c039740fbb73b61f1a309054dd68 
ky_t-4l-.bin  16384  1d0a9253  yanchamr    4952c945502a19c6b4e7ab1ae6f5a374bad7fe60 
ky_t-4m-.bin  16384  4075c396  yanchamr    5d1612a89631800693c79dce01fa2494a8b1f49a 
ky_t-4n-.bin  16384  7564f2ff  yanchamr    fbf0adf3d8e15d899ece96e34019cfcc56c52ddb 
dr25.3f  256  8e91430b  kidniki    a7a1567a0fd31cd65260f3ddb5280368704378bd 
dr30.1m  256  28c73263  kidniki    ffeb8d1310759bf20b1624ab92fc91078726679c 
dr26.3h  256  b563b93f  kidniki    86aefdaa63b35fe82f9f70eff3e4c14629f7a184 
dr31.1n  256  3529210e  kidniki    3042ec941bdcb873077e77cffe36d4a28298bbbb 
dr27.3j  256  70d668ef  kidniki    2cc647f2708932105bb9a5130aacc5a8a160e418 
dr29.1l  256  1173a754  kidniki    dbb7d02b72ae1842e0d17aee324a5b85ff2a2178 
dr32.5p  32  11cd1f2e  kidniki    45ceb84ff373127ff370610c1ce8d83fc6045bcb 
dr28.8f  512  6cef0fbd  kidniki    0c5c63a203e7bd852a3574c18f212487caf529ca 
dr33.6f  256  34d88d3c  kidniki    727f4c5cfff33538886fa0a29fd119aa085d7008 
cabinet art
cabinet kidniki.png
marquee kidniki.png
control panel kidniki.png
flyer kidniki.png
PCB kidniki.png
additional information
info 0.102u3 [Stefan Lindberg]

0.34b8 [Phil Stroffolino]

  • Add drum samples
  • On real hardware it is possible to see the shape of his hair when in the darkness during the title sequence. Stefan Lindberg (ID 00200)
  • 0.102u3: Stefan Lindberg added 'Kid Niki - Radical Ninja (World)'. Renamed (kidniki) to (kidnikiu).
  • 0.92u1: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added clone Little Hero.
  • 12th February 2005: f205v Corrado and Tomaselli dumped Little Hero.
  • 0.90u2: Nicola Salmoria fixed priority bug in Kid Niki and crash on last level.
  • 0.37b6: Changed clock speed of the M6803 CPU2 and the 2x AY-8910 to 894886 Hz.
  • 0.36b10: Added clone Kaiketsu Yanchamaru (Japan). Changed parent description to 'Kid Niki - Radical Ninja (US)'.
  • 0.35b13: Changed description to 'Kid Niki - Radical Ninja'.
  • 0.35b2: Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 4MHz. Added 3rd coin slot. Known issues: Kid Niki crashes/messes up in the confrontation with the final boss. Reason unknown.
  • 0.35b1: Changed VSync to 55Hz. Added proms ($620, 820 - unknown and video timing).
  • 0.34RC1: Dave W. added high score saving to Kid Niki.
  • 0.34b8: Phil Stroffolino added 'Kid Niki, Radical Ninja' (Data East 1986).
  • You are a tatally rad ninja swordsman. Princess Margo is being held captive by the Stone Wizard. Save her!

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Romset: 515 kb / 34 files / 206.4 zip
history Kaiketsu Yanchamaru (c) 1986 Irem.


Irem M-62 system hardware

Main CPU : Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)

Sound CPU : M6803 (@ 894.886 Khz)

Sound Chips : (2x) AY8910 (@ 894.886 Khz), (2x) MSM5205 (@ 384 Khz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 384 x 256 pixels

Screen refresh : 55.00 Hz

Palette Colors : 512

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 2


Released in December 1986.

The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Wonder Boy Yanchamaru'.

Alfa Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (R-Type : Irem Game Music - 28XA-199) on 25/01/1988.

Official products:

Kaiketsu Yanchamaru (Irem Corp.)

Kid Niki - Radical Ninja (Irem Corp.)

Kid Niki - Radical Ninja (Data East USA)

Unofficial products:

Little Hero! (HB Corp.)


In "Kid Niki - Radical Ninja", Kid Niki has spiky hair and a little rat tail. In Kaiketsu Yanchamaru, Kid Niki has a more traditional Japanese haircut.

  1. Kaiketsu Yanchamaru (1987)
  2. Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2 - Karakuri Land (1991, Nintendo Famicom)
  3. Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 - Taiketsu! Zouringen (1993, Nintendo Famicom)
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